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Human Resources are the most fundamental and valuable resource of any successful company.

We are aware that the precondition for achieving customer satisfaction, as well as for meeting our company’s growing target goals, depends on a strong human resource base.

Our human resources policy aims to improve the personal skills and experiences of our employees and to develop their work-oriented abilities, thereby strengthening their loyalty to the company. Our basic recruitment policy consists of bringing in professionals while taking into account individual specialties. The goal is employment of suitable persons for suitable jobs..

MTE’s  Human Resources Policy and Practices are applied according to the principles stated below:

  • Candidates, who are open to development, have the competence suitable for the job, and can internalize and sustain company values are preferred.
  • We assess, reward, and encourage the successes and performances that our employees achieve in their assignments.
  • For new positions in our company. We first aim to promote individuals from our internal human resources.
  • We follow the new developments in human resources policy and management and adapt the changes to our company according to the requirements.
  • We provide opportunities for employees to add value to our company, and we evaluate their suggestions.
  • Our philosophy is “lifelong training”. We encourage our employees to benefit from internal / external training opportunities and also organize training programs according to employees’ career plans.